Portraits I painted of my grandchildren.  Please contact me if you have a special portrait you would like painted.

This is an acrylic painting on a canvas board.  I used a picture of my son when he was a lot younger for my reference.

Cheryl A Bishop

Artworks By Cheryl

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Artworks by Cheryl © 2017

Successful Paint Night

Step by step instructions for this painting are here -

 I painted this fruit still life with acrylic on a piece of watercolor paper that I glued colored tissue paper squares on to give it a different texture and background. I like to experiment and try new techniques.

This is the latest sculpture that I have finished.  It was an experiment to create the spiral base. I made it with wedges that supported it during the drying and firing stages.

I'm excited to be featured in the April issue of Everything Elko magazine.

I painted this picture for my son-in-law, Bruce. My reference photo was taken while he was at Craig Hospital for rehab. His son William is pushing the wheelchair. Bruce donated it to Craig Hospital where he received great treatment during rehab.

I work in varied media, but my favorites are watercolor and clay.

Children and horses are my favorite subject matter.

They enable me to paint and sculpt what I know and love.

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