Large ¾ Sunflower Instructions

Supplies Needed: 1/2 “ flat and medium round brushes

Yellow, blue, red, brown and white paint

Painting surface


Step 1

Put a quarter size of both blue and white paint on your pallet.

Use a piece of cardboard to apply paint.

Use the extra blue and white paint to paint the sides of your canvas with a flat brush.





Step 2

Put brown (nickel size), yellow (quarter size),  white (nickel size) and a drop of red

on your pallet.

When background is dry, paint  ¾ of a circle about 3”or 4” in diameter on right side

of canvas a little higher than in the center with brown paint mixed with a little white.


Step 3

Paint petals with yellow and a flat brush.

Step 4

Mix some brown and yellow and a dab of red

and pain t on each petals on the part closest

to the center.  If you get too much brown going,

back blend with yellow.

Step 5      

Mix yellow and white for a lighter value and

paint in the middle of each pedal.

Step 6

With a medium round brush paint fill in the

tip of each petal with yellow until it meets the

light value.

Step 7

If you need, add a little blue to your pallet.

Mix brown and blue and paint the outer part of your

center circle and paint any blue of your background

between pedals that is showing.

Next paint a small dark circle in the center of the circle.

Step 8

Add nickel size green to your pallet and paint leaves

at the bottom left of sunflower with flat brush.

Add a little blue to green and paint a darker value on

the leaves close to the pedals. You can add a little pure

blue by the edges of the pedals and blend it in.

Add yellow to green and paint highlights on tips of leaves.





Step 9

Add light brown dots, using a round brush.

to the outside of the flower center. Use white

for dots in the center and yellow dots in the middle

between the brown and white dots.


Step 10     Sign your Painting














Artworks by Cheryl © 2017

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