Artworks by Cheryl © 2017

Sunflowers with Fence Painting Instructions

Materials Needed:

Painting Surface, masking tape, 1” flat brush, ½” flat brush, medium round brush, acrylic paint (blue, white, yellow, green, red and brown).

Step 1

Use masking tape to mask out the fence.

Step 2

Turn canvas upside down. Add blue and white beside each other to your pallet and a little yellow.

Using a one inch flat brush paint the whole canvas with a mixture of white and blue, not mixing the paint on your pallet, do the blending on the canvas using horizontal strokes.

Mix a little yellow in your mixture and paint over the area where the fence is.

Step 3

Paint edges of canvas except the top, which should be sitting on the easel.  When dry turn right side up and paint the top edge. Carefully take off the masking tape.

Step 4

Add yellow, brown, white, green,  and red to your pallet.  Mix a little white on the side of the brown and with ½” flat brush paint a light brown circle and oval with the diameter a little bigger than an inch, if you are working on a "11 x 14" canvas.


Step 5

Paint yellow pedals  around brown centers using 1 /2” flat brush and create a sort of half circle with yellow petals on the left of the other two sunflowers. Apply paint thick and don’t worry, if some blue shows through.

Step 6

With the side of the ½” flat brush paint slightly curve stems going off the bottom of the page and add leaves.  Try to avoid creating a pattern when adding leaves. When you can use diagonal strokes when creating leaves. Also give a few leaves their own stem.   Add blades of grass and extra leaves on stems.



Step 7

Mix yellow into one side of the green paint on your pallet and paint the tips of the leaves to add light value.  With the same light value add some more blades of grass and highlight the stems.

Then mix a little blue to the green and create a dark value on each leaf on the part closest to stem.  Add a little dark value to the stems and grass.



Step 8

Using a medium round brush mix some brown and yellow and a dab of red and paint on each petal on the part closest to the center.  If you get too much brown going, back blend with yellow.

Step 9     

Mix yellow and white for a lighter value and paint in the middle of each pedal. Back blend with yellow, if you need separation between light and dark values.




Step 10

With a medium round brush paint fill in the tip of each petal with yellow until it meets the light value.

I also put some of the light value of white and yellow on the tips of the leaves.

Step 11

If you need, add a little blue to your pallet. Mix brown and blue and paint the outer part of your center circle and paint any blue of your background between pedals that is showing.

Next paint a small dark circle in the center of the circle.


Step 12

Mix a little of blue, white and brown to make a light gray and use medium round brush to paint shadows on the white fence where the boards over lap and the bottom of the boards.

Step 13

Add light brown dots, using a round brush to the outside of the flower center. Use white for dots in the center and yellow dots in the middle between the brown and white dots.


Step 14

Sign your painting.